Growing up in a jewellery factory in Thailand, Fred made his first piece of jewellery when he was 7. With both his Mother, Father and Grandfather as jewellers, the trade is very much in his DNA. Fred was trained in production by his father and taught to wax carve by his mother making it a true family affair. 

After 15 years of learning, making and creating Fred created his namesake “Frederick Grove” in 2015. Tucked away in the heart of East London, is Fred’s workshop & store.

This is where Fred will design and create all his pieces, working with his small team and locally sourced materials, they make every piece in-house. 

When Fred’s not at the studio, you’ll often find him and one of London’s many galleries studying renaissance period art, which he takes a lot of inspiration from. The team also takes pride in being as sustainable as possible creating pieces of high quality while still being conscious of the environment.